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"I wish there was an option to lay on Shepard’s bed and look out into that fantastic view. I’d leave the tv on all night and gladly fall asleep watching that."

Posted 48 minutes ago

"I seem to hold unpopular opinions. I loved the Mako levels of the first game and would spend hours just messing about n the planets. I also loved the ending, even before the extended cut, because was (in my opinion) artistically brilliant and made you think."

Posted 5 hours ago

"I really hated that Jack and Miranda couldn’t join the Citadel SLC mission."

Posted 10 hours ago

"Imagine if Yvonne Strahovski herself gets casted as Miranda Lawson. That’d be freaking great, considering that her role in Chuck & Dexter somewhat corresponds to Miranda’s occupation."

Posted 15 hours ago

I find Jennifer Hale voice acting quite annoying. Sometimes it looks like she’s trying too hard to sound emotional.”

Posted 1 day ago

I must admit the ending conversations with your crew in ME3 really got to me, especially Garrus. I consider my MShep and him to be the best of bros. But when he said to find him at the bar. I lost it. I always had him in my squad from ME. Always. Bros till the end.”

Posted 1 day ago

"I think it would have been great to have the option to romance Tali. Especially for one of my Femsheps. It made the most sense, in my opinion, and it was kinda heartbreaking not have it fulfilled."

Posted 1 day ago

"I can’t take any squadmates through Earth other than Ashley/Kaidan and James. It’s their home and we’re fighting to take back, I feel like they should be on the front lines."

Posted 1 day ago

Not matter how much I love Mordin, I prefered Padok Wiks for ME3 because of his relation with Eve.”

Posted 2 days ago

I was no more bothered by Ashley’s death than I was Jenkins. It’s not that I hate her, I just have nothing her - I have no interest in her character. For me, personally, picking Kaidan was an easy choice.”

Posted 2 days ago