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I wish club Afterlife & Purgatory were real.”

Posted 3 hours ago

Samara’s eyes give me the creeps.”

Posted 8 hours ago

Everytime I play Miranda’s loyalty mission in ME2 I wish I could give her the biggest hug possible after she speaks to Oriana and cries in the elevator.”

Posted 17 hours ago

I think Commander Shepard is a great dancer.”

Posted 22 hours ago

"If ME4 lets us choose races, on the one hand I’d love to be a sexy quarian girl. On the other hand, I’ll feel like I’m trying to replace Tali, which is impossible because she’s too amazing."

Posted 1 day ago

It’s hilarious to me when people try to suggest anyone on board with Indoctrination Theory is ‘deluded’ or dare I say it ‘indoctrinated’ themselves. The fact is, the solutions given to you are ‘prettied up’ in such a way they seem almost ideal versions of what Shepard rejected in games 1 and 2. Who’s indoctrinated now? I believe you are, if you made either of those choices and accepted blindly, because you’re not SUPPOSED to accept it. Flawed execution aside, that was the whole god damn point.”

Posted 1 day ago

"I get that Wrex was busy during Mass Effect 2, but I wish he could’ve at least been a party member for "Grunt: Rite of Passage.""

Posted 1 day ago

"Part of me wishes the rest of the mass effect crew could join me in Mass Effect 2 if only just to do loyalty missions for them."

Posted 1 day ago

"When I first played M!shep, I had seen gif sets around the internet and imagined his voice completely different so I didn’t really like it. But now it’s grown on me and I really love Mark Meer’s voice acting."

Posted 2 days ago

I think it would have been funny if we could have ask Traynor if she wanted to be a squad member, I wonder what she would have said.”

Posted 2 days ago