E3 2014 - Mass Effect 4

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"Great stories are timeless and they’ll last forever"
Mass Effect 4 - FIRST LOOK - E3 2014

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"I hope that in future games we will get to explore the relays more. It looks like there are windows on the relays, would we be able to go inside? I want to know, Bioware!"

"My mom has been very suicidal and depressed and has been having some major issues with her PTSD this month, and she is finally going to get herself checked in with a hospital to get some help so she doesnt do anything to herself. I almost lost my mom, and the only things keeping me from crying all the time are my Dragonborn and my current femShep. When I’m at home, and realizing how close I came to losing her, I just want to sob. These games are giving me a much-needed distraction."

I have a huge thing for batarians & their voices - I totally would’ve given Anto his compromised info just for a kiss & flirted with Bray on his “crap detail”. Sorry for killing over 300,000 of you guys in Arrival. :"

I really don’t even understand why Liara needed to be tied into recovering Shepard’s body. Based solely on Miranda and TIM’s conversation in the prologue to ME2, I COMPLETELY believe Cerberus recovering it on their own, and Liara’s involvement just makes her complicit in Cerberus’s mad science experiment, which is something I just cannot get past with her character. So the end result is tainting a character for something she didn’t need to be involved in. I just don’t get the point of it.”

I really, really hate Kai Leng, not because of his presence in the game, but because he’s an arrogant bastard who is just begging for an omniblade to the gut.”

Did anyone else ever find the Citadel in ME1 a bit overwhelming, Don’t get me wrong I loved it! I’d just constantly get lost it was massive!”

I really hate it when people say that a Paragon Shepard is either unrealistic or “too wimpy.” Like, is it really so hard to believe that someone can be kind and still take on an army? It just seems like people think the only way to be strong is to be ruthless, and that is simply not true. Like, at all.”

I wanted to kiss Jilani, but mostly because I think it would have made her stop talking.”