I wish the moment your romanced character discovers you’ve been cheating on them was a little more complex with some paragon/renegade actions. I just wish they were more arguments.”

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    I agree that it should have been more of a complex interaction when the VS discovers you’re involved with someone else,...
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    You mean a reaction where FemShep had the option of telling Kaidan to mind his own business like MShep had with Ashley?...
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    I don’t. That’s in headcanon territory. Everyone of my Shepards would have reacted differently to that. Bioware writing...
  8. anoramacnuggets said: It`s not really to cheat if you consider that Horizon was a break up; it wasn`t my Shepard case but other people could have interpretated it as a break up. As for Liara well….people moves on, you don`t need to explain that kind of thing to them
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